Nyama Choma is an original street food stall providing Grill House cuisine inspired by Kenyan adventures.

East Africa is home to some of the worlds most exciting wildlife, dazzling sunsets and epic scenery – Nyama Choma hopes to bring a slice of the savannah to the streets and urban sprawl of Manchester and beyond.

Nyama Choma literally means grilled meat in Kiswahili and is the national dish of Kenya. You’ll find it everywhere from roadside shacks to local bars and the finest restaurants.

We started cooking ‘choma’ after spending a year living in Nakuru, Kenya. After noticing that there was very little African food represented in the vibrant UK food scene the business was born. Now you’ll find us showcasing the best nyama choma at food events across the country.

With a menu consisting of an ever-changing variety of marinated meats including tender Featherblade beef, succulent chicken breasts and traditional goat all flame grilled on a top-of-the-range barbecue, Nyama Choma promises to introduce the food-lovers of Manchester to a true flavour of gastronomic Kenya.

Nyama Choma will also offer a vegan option at all events and we hope that all dietary requirements will be provided for.

As well operating at markets and street food festivals we are available to cater your party or event, so please get in touch if you want to skewer things up.